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Benign prostatic hyperplasia is perhaps the most common male disease. Some doctors believe that it is inevitable for all men, although statistics for 40 years the probability of developing the disease is 50%. Development of the disease associated with the advent of so-called knots in the prostate area, after which the gradual increase of the gland itself. In consequence of the rapid hyperplasia compressed urinary tract and delayed the flow of urine.

Diagnosis of benign prostate enlargement

Now there are many drugs for the treatment of prostate hyperplasia. They can be ordered free online or buy at a pharmacy without a prescription. In order to determine the choice of medication and in general to decide whether therapeutic treatment, it is necessary to pass the following diagnostic procedures:

hyperplasia of prostatic
prostatic hyperplasia

General inspection;
Measurement of the rate of urination;
Ultrasound of the genitourinary system (including transrectal examination of the prostate gland);
A blood test to identify markers for prostate cancer.
In addition the patient should keep a diary of urination and pass a special questionnaire. Based on these results the expert can not only pinpoint the diagnosis, but also to assess the degree of complications, as well as weigh the risks associated with the further development of the disease.

Treatment of prostate hyperplasia

Drug therapy is considered to be the most popular method of treatment of patients with enlarged prostate. It is not only simple and effective way to deal with this disease, and surgical prophylaxis. With the advent of special preparations the number of patients who need urgent surgery, decreased significantly. Excellent group of drugs are 5α-reductases inhibitors, particularly drug Avodart. It not only helps to reduce prostate size (which has a positive effect on the flow of urine), but also helps to reduce blood loss during surgery.

Features of the drug Avodart

Avodart has the ability to penetrate into the bloodstream by transdermal (through the skin), so it is important to avoid contact with the medication of children and pregnant women.If the contents of the capsule hit to the skin, it must be washed off well with water.
In case of any symptoms associated with changes in the mammary glands, you must inform your doctor, because in rare cases may develop malignant breast lesions in men.
Receiving the drug has no effect on the nervous system, so it can be used for people who drive a vehicle or operate complex machinery.

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  1. In my practice, in the prevalent number of cases, my patients are men with an identified prostatic adenoma. most patients categorically do not want surgical treatment as far as possible. in such cases I prefer to prescribe the drug for a few months with subsequent ultrasound control. in the vast majority of cases, I observe a pronounced dynamics in terms of prostate volume and symptomatic of urinary disorders. it is important to note the fact that the aggravation of potency was extremely rare.

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