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Onychomycosis (nail fungal infection) – a fungal infection of the nail plate. The disease is common: it affects about 10% of the population. The probability of getting the disease is increased three times over 65 years. It can be associated with a dysfunction of the vascular system and various diseases of the endocrine system. Activators of nail fungal infections are fungi of the genus Trichophyton. However, in some instances, can affect the nail plate molds and yeasts. Their most difficult to treat, as these pathogens mycoses are naturally resistant to most drugs.

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What are the features of the development of onychomycosis?

Fungi can develop on the nail plate due to injuries and wearing tight shoes, which is why they often appear on the legs than in the arms.
Localization place the following types of fungal nail lesions:
1) infection of the free edge of the nail plate – the distal type;
2) failure of the side portions of the nail – the lateral type;
3) contamination of the rear roller nail – proximal type;
4) complete nail infection – a total type. The most frequent localization of onychomycosis – distal: mycelium of the fungus penetrates the nail, spreading to its root. To infection has developed well, it is necessary to mold growth exceeded the growth of the nail plate in the opposite direction. This type of injury is most common in older people because the nail growth slows with age. Outwardly, at the distal nail onychomycosis it loses the natural transparency of the appearance of white or yellow spots. Sam nail becomes visually denser than to fungal infection. This is due to the growth of keratinocytes under the nail plate.

How to treat a fungal infection of nails?

Treatment of onychomycosis complex and includes preparations for topical and oral administration. To give preference to oral drugs on the basis of fluconazole. One of these drugs is Diflucan. It is widely available: it can even be ordered online (sold without prescription). Fluconazole in the composition of the drug suppresses the vital functions of the fungus, reducing their numbers. Diflucan can be taken regardless of diet.

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