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In the article such questions are considered: what is Harvoni, what is the effectiveness of the drug, how to take pills, contraindications and side effects from the drug. In addition, you will find information on where to buy and what price Harvoni.

Harvoni drug 400/90 MG
Harvoni drug 400/90 MG

The content of the article:

  1. Where to buy and the price
  2. Composition of the preparation Harvoni
  3. Effectiveness of treatment
  4. Indications for use
  5. Contraindications Harvoni
  6. How to take
  7. Side effects
  8. Customer Reviews

what is Harvoni

Hepatitis C is a disease that is increasingly common in young people’s history. It is impossible to protect yourself from infection, the vaccine is not working from this gravest disease in the world. However, new drugs compete well with the symptoms of this ailment.

Harvoni is one of the most reliable medicines of the new generation.

Where to buy Harvoni and what is the price of the drug 400/90 MG

For the treatment of hepatitis C, Harvoni is most often used abroad. It was approved for use in the largest clinics in Israel, the United States and Europe. However, at the moment it can not be found in pharmacies of the CIS countries. Here you can buy the drug Harvoni in private clinics that have a manufacturer’s certificate. Deliver it from European countries, most often from Germany.

Buy Sofosbuvir 400mg Ledipasvir 90mg

Order Sofosbuvir 400mg Ledipasvir 90mg

Harvoni cost

The price for Harvoni is quite high all over the world. For example, in Germany, the treatment of this drug costs about 20 thousand euros, and in the US – about 25 thousand dollars a month. 12 weeks of Harvoney treatment in Israel for insurance costs about 90 thousand dollars.

Active Ingredient: Sofosbuvir / Ledipasvir

Like many other new and expensive drugs, Harvoni have their own copies – generics. They are manufactured mainly in Bangladesh. “Lezovir-C”, as well as “Twinvir” allows to undergo treatment to a wide range of patients. Asian firms are soon planning to enter the European market with cheap generics of Harvoni against hepatitis C. You can buy Harvoni mail payment on the spot in the official online store of the supplier.

Composition of the drug Harvoni

To date, the drug Harvoni purchase is the best method to combat hepatitis C of the first genotype. The uniqueness of this type of treatment is that the patient does not need to add ribavirin or interferon to the therapy. This is the third drug in the world, the clinical effect of which was confirmed at a conference on retroviruses in 2013.

This medicine was developed and patented by the American biotechnology firm Gilead Sciences in 2014. The ordering Harvoni pills has a diamond shape, an orange color and is covered with a special glaze. The active substance is ledipasvir (in a dosage of 90 mg), as well as sophosbuvir (400 mg).

The combination of these components has the strongest antiviral effect, which does not leave the hepatitis C virus a chance to replicate. Additional substances of Harvoni cheap are: lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, croscarmellose sodium, copovidone.

The glaze of this preparation consists of a number of substances, including talc, macrogol and titanium dioxide.

The effectiveness of treatment of hepatitis C with Harvoni

When the main components of the drug Harvoni get into the patient’s body, they begin to block the enzymes responsible for the replication of the hepatitis C virus. This treatment has been repeatedly tested by trial.

More than 1300 people with hepatitis C participated in the tests. All participants were divided into two groups. Representatives of one group have already been treated, the second – just started. The experiment lasted about twelve weeks.

The first group was given to the drug Harvoni on the over-the-counter, as well as ribavirin. The second received also Harvoni, but without ribavirin. The goal of scientists was to prove the validity of their invention and the clinical result after a full course of administration of the drug.

The results were as follows:

  • After 8 weeks, 95% of people who were first treated for the disease, fully recovered.
  • After 12 weeks their number has increased to 97%.
  • 99% of people who came to the experiment with cirrhosis completely recovered after 12 weeks.

Thus, the years of work on the drug were not in vain, the effectiveness of the drug without the use of ribavirin was proved. Reviews Harvoni received mostly positive, but some experienced a side effect in the form of headaches and nausea.

Indications for use Harvoni

The drug Harvoni is necessary for patients suffering from hepatitis C of the first genotype. This kind of virus is the most common. Nevertheless, his treatment so far has been incredibly difficult. By adapting, the virus produces a specific immunity to antibiotics.

In total, the hepatitis C virus has six genotypes, and those in turn have subgroups. This number of “mutations” makes the virus resistant against our immunity and various medications.

During the diagnosis it is very important to determine the genotype of the virus, it will help to choose the therapy faster. The drug Harvoni prescribed for patients who have cirrhosis, as well as without it, harvoni causes cancer? In more than 90% of cases of hepatitis C, the first genotype develops a chronic form.

Harvoni (Sofosbuvir 400mg / Ledipasvir 90mg)

Only 10-15% of people independently and completely recover from a viral illness, while others are carriers and are dangerous to surrounding people. Most often, patients are prescribed interferon as the main drug. However, it has a number of contraindications, as well as side effects (bronchial spasms, swelling, anaphylactic shock).

Harvoni can be included in therapy to people who have only been diagnosed and begin treatment. It will be effective for those who unsuccessfully struggled with the disease for years. It can be used for those who have allergic reactions to common methods of treatment with ribavirin, as well as interferon.

Harvoni is prescribed if the patient is over 18 years of age, and the index of his body weight is more than 18 kg per m2. The concentration of viral RNA should be more than 10 000 IU in the patient’s plasma.

Contraindications to the use of Harvoni

Like any drug, Harvoni has a number of contraindications. During the delivery of blood for the presence of hepatitis C RNA, as well as the genotype of the virus, the treating physician should interview the patient for allergic reactions to certain components of the drug.

Contraindications Harvoni also are:
Pregnancy and lactation.

Age to 18 years.

The use of another drug, which contains cofosbuvir. There is a risk that the patient will have an excessive amount of this substance, which leads to chemical poisoning.

Use of drugs with tenofovir.

Taking medications containing tipranavir and carbamazepine. These substances and components can neutralize the antiviral effect of the drug.

Before starting a course of treatment, you need to undergo examinations for the presence of kidney or liver failure. Such diagnoses often accompany hepatitis. Treatment Harvoni in this case is possible, but under the strict supervision of the therapist and narrow specialists.

It is worth taking a responsible choice of contraception, since pregnancy is not recommended during the treatment period. There are no known risks of influencing the fetus. It is also necessary to refrain from breastfeeding, since Harvoney penetrates with the milk into the baby’s body. Doctors never prescribe a drug to children under the age of eighteen, since its effect on the immature organism has not been studied so far.

It is important to remember that this treatment is prescribed exclusively by a doctor and only after a complete medical examination.

How to take Harvoni in the treatment of hepatitis C

The European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) has developed an instruction for the application of Harvoni. Every day you need to take one tablet of the drug while eating. Do not chew, crush or dissolve it. Like many other medicines, Harvoni gives the best effect with regular intake at one time. Therefore, it is better to choose the optimal time of taking the pill from the very beginning of the course.

Doctors recommend that you follow these rules of reception:

If you forget for some reason to drink a pill in a timely manner, drink later. You can only skip one dose.

Drinking two doses in a row is by no means possible.

You need to drink Havroni even when you feel fatigue or headaches.

The scheme of taking the medicine is quite simple. The course of treatment is small. For patients with hepatitis C of the first genotype, it is only twelve weeks. If you have cirrhosis of the liver, treatment should be prolonged twice (24 weeks). It is also necessary to act for those who have already been treated with other drugs, and it was ineffective.

Each patient should clarify the instructions for the application of Harvoni from his attending physician, since the duration may depend on the individual characteristics of the organism.

After completing the full course of treatment, a detailed examination is necessary. If the therapeutic effect is not achieved, re-administer the treatment of Harvoni does not make sense. The lack of primary efficacy is an incentive to look for other treatment options.

The scheme of reception of Harvoni differs in case the patient has an additional viral infection, which often accompanies hepatitis C – HIV. It is individually developed by a virologist.

For the first, fourth, fifth or sixth genotypes, the treatment time is 12 weeks in combination with ribavirin, sophusfiber and Ladipasvir. Without ribavirin – 24 weeks. Ribavirin in this case helps to reduce the duration of treatment, and hence the cost of the course of therapy.

Side effects from the application of Harvoni

Side effects from Harvoni occur infrequently, but can occur. As a rule, these are migraines and headaches, fast fatigue and lethargy, allergic manifestations (rarely).

If you are using Harvoni for the first time, you should be careful and listen to your own body. Suspicions should cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, swelling, severe itching over the body. In such cases, therapy is interrupted instantly. After consultation with the virologist, a new drug regimen is prepared.

Many doctors who lead patients with hepatitis C, notice the typical effects after the start of the drug (malaise, insomnia, lethargy). But do not panic. An experienced doctor will be able to assess the risks of applying Harvoni and advise the individual scheme of admission.

When applying Harvoni along with ribavirin, the risks of side effects are much higher. Cirrhosis can also become a factor in the development of complications, but there are no direct contraindications. In 90% of cases the drug is tolerated calmly and gives a relatively quick recovery.

Harvoni does not affect the concentration of attention, because you can drive a car during treatment. However, it is worthwhile to be alert: body fatigue can negatively affect the brain.

There is no need for special changes in the Harvoney reception course for the elderly after age 65. They are prescribed the usual dose of medicine.

Harvoni – a wonderful remedy for Hepatitis “C” (sophosbuvir + lepidasvir)

Harvoni is the first drug created by Gilead Sciences, Inc. as a medicine for hepatitis C and granted a patent and permission to use in 2014. It consists of two active substances: cofosbuvir 400 mg + ladypasvir 90 mg and the course of treatment is 12 to 24 weeks. At the same time, according to clinical trials and, later, full-fledged use in medical practice, the percentage of cure for chronic hepatitis when taking the full course of Harvoni is 93 to 100%. That is, a complete cure is already available today and this is not a myth at all!

Harvoni available

  1. A real salvation for those to whom interferon is contraindicated;
  2. It is shown even to elderly people and patients with HIV co-infection;
  3. It is safe for cirrhosis of the liver;
  4. The effect is confirmed by a number of independent clinical trials;
  5. No combination with other drugs is required;

Harvoni contains sophosbuvir and lepidavir, is the first novel polymerase inhibitor of the hepatitis C virus protein that does not require the co-administration of interferon and ribavirin during the treatment of hepatitis C 1 and 4 genotypes.

The drug Harwoni passed all tests and testing on animals before it was approved by the United States of America for use in the treatment of patients. Its entire composition is safe and passes many stages of verification.

Side effects of the drug

In some people, the drug harwoni causes such side effects:

  • Headache;
  • Disturbance of the alimentary canal;
  • Insomnia.

However, it is hard not to agree that, compared to the long process of curing hepatitis C, which for many decades after the discovery was considered an incurable chronic disease – this is really a trifle. Another not unimportant factor is the price of the drug mail order. It is much lower than that of competitors. Call us or order a return call and see for yourself personally. We’ll call you back in 5 minutes.

How does the drug work?

The principle of the drug is quite simple. Sophosbuvir and lepidavir penetrate the body and block the protein that is responsible for the multiplication of the virus. When the active substance in the body is enough, all the molecules of the virus in the body lose their ability to reproduce, after which they are gradually withdrawn and the person forgets that he was sick.

Compatibility with other drugs

However, what to do if you are sick for a long time and you can not take strong medications because of a destroyed liver or the presence of HIV infection in the blood? Fortunately, these groups of patients can also safely undergo treatment, as well as others. Sofosbuvir and ledispasvir do not load the liver and do not affect the internal organs of a person. Their action is milder and more punctual, respectively, after curing one disease, you do not have to immediately start to treat another – it’s time to enjoy full recovery and freedom.

The process of taking Harvoni otc is very simple. There are no complicated schemes or a sequence of drugs. Unlike Sowaldi, the same Gilead Sciences, Inc, the patient should take a single pill once a day and supplement the course with other medications, except for general supportive ones (like vitamins) or personal ones, it is not necessary. One Harvoni pills for sale contains in itself all the elements necessary for the body to fight the disease.

Contraindications to admission

There are a number of contraindications for admission, which should be considered before the start of the course:

  1. Individual intolerance of the drug components;
  2. During pregnancy and breastfeeding;The age is below 18 years;
  3. Simultaneous reception of drugs that contain cofobusvir or tenofovir – there may be an overdose of active ingredients and will have to interrupt the course;

Taking medications that can contain tipranavir and carbamazepine. These substances block the work of Harvoni over the net and the course of treatment will be most ineffective.

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Harvoni is an analogue of the German antiviral agent. All the stars converged: both the inexpensive price, and the absence of side effects, and pharmacokinetic bioequivalence to the original. Another reason was that the Indian drug was clinically tested and was registered in Europe and America. I take it only 5 weeks, recently there were control tests, which showed that the body’s response to the drug is, and therefore, the chance of recovery oh-oh what.

Harvoni, a course for three months, I ordered from intermediary, not deceived, not fake, the drug really helped. As part of his immediately and sophosbuvir and lepidavir, but still take it alone can not, we need more drugs, antiviral, which the doctor appoints. I noticed no side effects, there was some weakness, but it could be from illness and from the fact that I was not eating well. But I would pity and pobachku, but he managed to recover unexpectedly quickly and simply. The main treatment was for the first three weeks. Has handed over analyzes. Viral load fell a thousand times. Then very quickly went on the mend, all the time he was examined, passed the tests and every time the result was better than the previous one. For three months of treatment it was possible to get rid of the virus completely, the analysis on biochemistry is pure, in the blood there are only antibodies. Now we need to wait a year and again to take tests, then we can breathe out with relief.

Despite the fact that this is a generic, not the original, did a good job, but the treatment was not delayed, the basic course is 12 weeks. For a full course I took about 20 thousand $, if compared with the original drug, then I saved not one hundred thousand. In the composition of cofosbuvir and lepidavir in the prescribed concentration, it is suitable just for the first genotype of hepatitis. Another concentration does not need to be regulated in case of liver damage, and the drug itself seems to restore it even a little. My blood RNA concentration in the blood was at the level of 8 000 IU, the weight is normal, so there were no side effects, the condition did not worsen, except that it was difficult to reconstruct only in the first days of admission, was sluggish. When allergic to ribavirin is appropriate as it is impossible by the way. Periodically handed over tests – general and biochemistry of blood, aminotransferase in blood gradually decreased until they reached the norm by week 9, the remaining 3 weeks already fixed the effect. For the full course of the hepatitis C virus completely removed. After the course of treatment, there was no return of the disease, removed not only the virus, but also increased immunity.


This information is not the basis for making decisions related to your treatment!
Before applying Harvoni, you must use the instructions of a personal doctor!