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Post-traumatic stress disorder – a mental disease that occurs following a serious injury or stress. Previously, he was linked only with the consequences of the military action, but it has become clear in the detailed study that this condition may be the result of any traumatic event. The disease is not bad amenable to conservative treatment, which includes psychotherapy and medications.

The causes of post-traumatic stress disorder

The disease often develops immediately after a traumatic incident, but in some cases may be delayed in nature. Among the reasons are the following incident:
– Violent act of a sexual nature;
– Domestic violence (physical, sexual, psychological);
– Criminal assault (threat to life, torture, physical abuse);
– car accident;
– A strong natural cataclysm life-threatening to the patient or relatives;
– Participation in hostilities or stay in combat conditions.
Just here, you can include any event that could somehow threaten human life.

Symptoms of post-traumatic stress

In post-traumatic disorder, the patient may complain of nightmares or intrusive memories of the event experiences. It appears anger, irritability and aggression. Any event can lead to fear only because of the suddenness proizoshedshego.Chelovek becomes vulnerable to events that are not able to control (as in the case of the causes of the disease). Also characteristic symptom is to avoid anything that could recall the trauma.

Treatment of PTSD

Treatment of the disease is complex and includes:
Antidepressants (especially third-generation);
Receiving antipsychotics;
Cognitive psychotherapy.

Among the antidepressants drugs provide the best performance, which belong to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. These include Paxil drug based on the substance of paroxetine. Paxil – This third-generation antidepressant that helps in various anxiety disorders and depression, as well as good results in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. It is well tolerated by most patients, however, buy Paxil or order it will not work without a prescription. It is a potent drug and treatment should take place under medical supervision required.

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